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Our Equality Statement Jan 2022:

Fowlmere Playgroup is registered for 20 Children at each session and currently has 17 on roll. Typically each year we have a higher proportion of boys to girls (11:6) and predominantly have a white British cohort (88%) but we do have 1 child currently at Playgroup who is British Brazilian (6%) and 1 who is Mixed British (6%). At present all of our children’s first language is English.

Our catchment area for the setting is Fowlmere, Great Chishill, Heydon and Chrishall Grange in line with the catchment for our feeder primary school, although we also have children attend outside of catchment such as Foxton, Melbourn, Pampisford, Orwell and Shepreth, 59% of children attending at present live within our catchment area.

We currently have 1 SEND child and have also helped families’ access additional services and support to assist with their additional needs in the past. We currently have no children in receipt of EYPP or 2 year funding. All of our families consist of at least one working parent and all of our current cohort of our children consist of two parent families.


By publishing this information, we demonstrate our commitment to the specific duty within the Equality Act 2010.