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Happy Easter!

We hope you and your family are keeping well. We wanted to provide a little cheer (and something to do) this Easter, so we've created these Easter ducks for people to print and display in their window. The children of the village can then help the Easter Bunny out by finding his ducky friends and letting him know how many they found.


The Easter Bunny has lost his ducky friends!


While you're out on your daily walk, go on a ducky hunt and count how many you find. Enter the number below, along with your names and email address and the Easter Bunny will send you a message! 

Download a ducky to colour in yourself

Duck no colour.PNG

Download a ducky that's already coloured in

Duck colour.PNG

Enter how many duckies you saw to receive your message from the Easter Bunny!

The Easter Bunny has received your submission!

Note that multiple names should be submitted as you'd like them addressed, e.g 'James and Lily' or 'James, Lily and Harry'

The Easter Bunny will send you an email message as soon as he can (he's very busy today)!

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